Quality research and management are important values of our corporate culture; a high standard of quality allows us to be in tune with our customers’ expectations.

Assing has achieved the following certifications:

ISO 9001

Aimed at continuous and constant improvement of the company with the objective of optimizing the organizational structure. Areas of interest refer to the turnkey design and construction of controlled contamination environments, engine test rooms and related components, the marketing and service of advanced technology instrumentation, in scientific research, diagnostics and industrial production.


Compulsory certification of qualification for the execution of public works.

ISO 13485

It is based on the ISO 9001 standard. It is a quality management system standard specifically for companies in the medical industry, incorporating aspects of the ISO 9001 standard and requirements specific to the medical device industry. Areas of interest include the design, manufacture, installation and technical service of medical radiological equipment and systems.

ISO 14001

In support of responsibility to the environment, the most widely used Environmental Management Systems standard in the world. For the defined scope of certification, an organization with a certified environmental management system manages its activities with respect to the environment and demonstrates its commitment to: limiting pollution, meeting legal and other applicable requirements, and continuously improving its environmental management system so as to improve, in an overall sense, its environmental performance.

UNI ISO 45001

The 2018 UNI ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements and guidance for use is the first international standard to define minimum standards of good practice for the protection of workers worldwide. It establishes a framework for improving safety, reducing risks in the workplace and improving the health and well-being of workers, thus enabling any organization to increase its health and safety performance. ISO 45001 by virtue of its integrated structure with management standards for quality (UNI EN ISO 9001) and the environment (UNI EN ISO 14001) becomes an essential part of work processes and can generate a new model of sustainable competitiveness, offering opportunities for improvement and growth in business performance.


It testifies that the product to which it is applied complies with the regulations in force within the European Community that govern the production and placing on the market of that product.


Witness that the product to which it is applied complies with the regulations in force within the European Community and governing the production and placing on the market of that product.

Cribis Prime Company

It certifies the company’s maximum commercial reliability and represents the crowning achievement of a year, testifying to the achievement of very important goals. To arrive at this result, Cribis D&B of the CRIF Group ( www.cribis.it ), one of the world leaders in the management of credit information systems, business information and credit solutions, evaluates indices inherent in soundness, solvency and punctuality of payments, dynamic and constantly updated factors on reliability, analysis of the company’s payment behavior and its ability to establish a relationship of trust with suppliers.
In Italy, only 10 percent of the more than 5 million companies monitored manage to obtain the Cribis Prime Company, which in 2016 certified that Assing Spa achieved values of excellence in all categories.

The Legality Rating

It is a new tool introduced in 2012 for Italian companies, aimed at the promotion and introduction of principles of ethical behavior in the corporate sphere, through the assignment of a “recognition” – measured in “stars” – indicative of the respect for legality by companies that have applied for it and, more generally, of the degree of attention placed on the proper management of their business.
The Competition and Market Authority issues this certificate on the basis of statements made by companies with the telematics application, which are verified by cross-checking them with data held by the public administrations concerned.
To the recognition of a sufficient level of legality rating, the system attaches advantages in the granting of public financing and facilities for access to bank credit.
The rating ranges from a minimum of one star to a maximum of three stars, awarded by the Authority only to firms that have suffered and resisted harassment by mafia realities

For the biennium 2020-2022, the Authority has resolved to award the maximum attributable score.